We’d like to build a loft conversion, but only have 204cm height in the loft. We’ve been advised to lower the ceiling of the floor below, but the ceiling height in the bedrooms of the first floor is only 240cm and we want to avoid making a mistake by lowering those ceilings too much. It seems that 230cm is probably low enough for the first floor bedroom ceilings but that would only provide 10cm extra for the loft conversion….is that enough? Can we progress with those measurements or should we forget the whole idea?! I have heard that you can use sky lights above the loft staircase to ‘steal’ a few extra centimetres, and a few centimetres can be gained because we have parapets between our roof and our neighbours. We are in a Victorian terraced house but not in a conservation area. Thanks!

  • james scott

    Hi Jo,
    Firstly you will have to strengthen the loft floor so unless you know how to do this without making the bedroom ceilings much thicker then your project will be a non-starter, also there are ways of keeping the flat roof as thin as possible whilst still conforming to the insulation regulations.

    I have been doing lofts for a very long time (sole trader, joiner by trade) so if you would like a free, no obligation quote from a real expert, give me a call on 07880036000. Regards, James

  • Ayoub Troui

    How would you lower first floor ceiling as part of a conversion

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