We own an end-of-terrace house in a non conservation area and would like to create more headroom (and also fit in a small bathroom) into our already exisiting loft conversion.
It is a typical gable-to-gable roof, with pitch to both front and rear. Currently there is a dormer window to the rear, but we are thinking of building up the rear gable walls and rebuilding the roof at the back to form a large area with full headroom.
Do we need planning permission to do this or does that fall under PD?
In case we need planning permission: In our terrace block no other house has done this, and as I said it is the end of terrace, so I am worried that a planning application will get refused because this is a change to the side appearance of the house. We are not obstructing any views and won’t affect neighbours privacy.

  • Anonymous

    You need to refer to Item B1(c)(i) of Class B to Pt 1 of Sch 2 (as amended) to the General Permitted Development Order 1995.
    Mention is made there of PD only allowing a 40 cubic metre increase in roof space (for a terraced house) volume from the original which will likely be pre your existing loft conversion and the Dormer window

  • Nina Balzer

    Thanks for your answer! But the new extension would be replacing the old dormer window and the whole new mansard would still be below 40 cubic meters.That’s why I think it falls under PD.

  • Anonymous

    You probably then need to extend to check (just to make certain) to the whole of Part 1 of Sch 2 in respect of the amendments that are applicable to England just to see that there are no other catches in respect of being above the line of the original roof slope and depending on it being the principal elevation or facing a highway

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