We are building in a country location with a number of trees around. We were wanting to use K-Render however today someone has said that it is not wise as it easily turns green and slimy when surrounded by trees.

I like the idea of little maintenance of the the k-rend product. Surely with it being silicone based it will be easy to clean??

Does anyone have any experience of this.

Thanks, Rebecca

  • Mark Brinkley

    I’ve seen similar products develop a green hue after a short time. To be fair, it can affect most surfaces (brick, timber, stone, tiles). Sometimes it washes off in the rain or bakes off in sunshine, but hangs around in dark, sheltered spots. It goes to show that there really is no such thing as maintenance-free. Generally, the more exposed the surface the less likely it is to become discoloured.

  • Mark Lee

    You will have no problems with the K-Rend Renders, as i the answer before this can happen to any construction material in these conditions. The great thing about K-Rend is that it is silicone based and can be cleaned down easily. Also K-Rend offer a Anti-Fungicidal wash as well which will protect the Render and help prevent future growth.

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