Hi. I am in the process having my home extended and will be looking to heat approximately 60m2 of ground floor space, which has a floor structure of 50% existing suspended timber, and what will be 50% new concrete.

My query is; with the external walls being 9″ solid brick (no cavity or additional insulation), is it worth having a wet underfloor heating system fitted throughout? If the walls were cavity insulated I would have thought it to be a no brainer, but considering the additional heat loss of having solid walls should I stick to radiators?

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    Probably, yes. UFH does rely on minimal heat loss to make it most efficient so flow temperatures would have to be designed higher than normal (perhaps up to 50-60) which puts it on a par with radiators anyway. My suggestion would be to get a quote from an engineer from one of the UFH companies and see what flow rates and spacing they design the system to need.

    My hunch is that rads is probably your safest bet though.

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