Rather than have a starlift I am enquiring to see if there is a firm that does a home escalator to replace the staircase as my wife has problems walking up the stairs.
IF so what sort of cost would l be looking at.

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hello Alan,

    This is not something I have come across, although I would have throught any company who make escalators would be able to do a smaller one for a home. However, I can imagine this would be incredibly pricey to buy and run, and not necessarily appeal to potential buyers in the future.

    What is it that puts you off a stairlift? Most people opt for them because it means the staircase can be used as standard too when the chair is folded away.

    Otherwise, if you have room, how about a discreet lift? Stannah do fairly compact one that can be fitted into a corner and could be well disguised with partition walls.


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