I have a large shed on my site with a corrugated asbestos roof that needs to be removed before the wooden walls can be taken down. I have been quoted £1,500 + VAT by two local companies to undertake the removal and disposal of the asbestos roof. As I am undertaking a qualifying new self-build project, can I advise these companies that the work should be zero-rated for VAT?


  • Mark Guest

    Phil, this can be applied if you have the applicable documentation to show that VAT shouldn’t be charged.

    I own a asbestos management company and could quote you for this work if you like. http://www.assistfm.co.uk

    Mark Guest

  • Phil Reed

    Thanks for the reply Mark. Have you come across this situation before? What do you class as applicable documentation? My understanding is our self-build project qualifies for zero rate VAT on labour under VAT Notice ‘VAT431NB – VAT refunds on self-build new homes or non-residential conversions’, however in these cases a VAT Notice 708 certificate or similar is not normally issued to the labour suppliers. I have read that in these circumstances, producing a copy of the planning permission is normally sufficient (??)

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