We are facelifting our 1960s house with a New England look – wood cladding and a new grey roof. Most New England properties have sash windows of varying sizes (not of course huge Georgian sashes) but we currently have regular sized casement windows. I realise anything can be achieved if you throw enough money at it but are there any planning restrictions for doing this? – we would only want to change like for like (ie UPVC for UPVC not wood as the house doesn’t warrant the more expensive option as it’s not a period property)

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hello Sarah,

    Planning should not be an issue as you can replace windows under Permitted Development as long as you aren’t in a Conservation Area, and you have already implied the house is not Listed.

    Replacing with a sash should be feasible as the apertures wouldn’t come into question as you would have to replace the whole window. However, you will need to look around for correlating sized sashes as the proportions are likely to be different to your current casements. Gaps can be filled and windows made to measure, but it is best to find a similar size from the off to limit the changes you have to make to the hole.

    For an authentic look, have you taken a look at some of the timber effect uPVC? These are better than they were a few years ago. You can also get timber composite, so show around for a good deal on something a bit more authentic looking than standard uPVC.


  • Sarah Matthews

    Thank you Lindsey – that’s a great help

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