I would like to know if it is possible to convert a brick built, tiled pitched roof, detached garage ( this matches brickwork etc of main house) to a dining kitchen and connect it to the main house with a glazed type covered walkway approximately 3.5 M in length..
The house is semi-detached with an extension to the side. The walkway would connect to the extension brickwork.
I believe there may be issues with fire regulations but the side of the walkway would be 1.5 M away from the neighbouring property boundary line.
I presume planning authority would be required as I would be changing the use of the garage.
Any comments would be appreciated

Kind Regards
Mike Hill

  • Peter Eade

    There’s no problem with doing what you are suggesting but as the proposal is on the side of the house you will require planning permission for the covered way. Converting the garage into a habitable space you will also require building regulation approval. If you are not up to speed with making both planning and BR applications I would suggest you find a local architect or designer who can deal with this for you.

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