I am looking into buying a relatively small 1970’s built two-storey house which replaced a house that was destroyed by fire. I’ve dug out the plans of the original house, and the building was a larger 3 storey dwelling.

Given the price of the property I think the numbers only stack up if I can replace the current house with a larger home similar to the original house (the plot is 5 acres so is can handle a larger house). The planning policy is clear that replacement dwellings should be of a similar size and scale, but my question is whether the larger size of the original dwelling could be a compelling argument for being allowed to build a larger replacement?

  • Mark Brinkley

    It’s an argument, for sure, but just how compelling it is depends on the views of your planners and the planning committee. They might question why the larger building was replaced by a smaller one in the 1970s? Have the economics changed that much?

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