In order to keep within the 50m3 volume allowed within PD, I have suggested that we have a sloping roof on the wrap around dormer. This will also enable us to put solar PV on the two south facing roofs.

The architect is concerned that this will require planning permission – but she can’t say why! The Council refuse to give advice without a submission – which takes 8 weeks. I have looked at the technical guidance for householders, particularly Class B and Class C, and I cannot see why this would not be permitted under PD. But I’m sure the law and case law has lots of things in it of which I am not aware.

In the same road, there are two houses that have something similar – on a side dormer only. I could not find a planning application for either of them on line. The differences as I see them between what I’m proposing and what they’ve built are:

• The angle of the slope: their dormers have the same slope as the original roof; we’re putting in a much shallower slope – probably c 17 degrees. This will give us more volume for the wrap around
• Because our slope will be shallower, the flat portion of the roof will be larger and the amount of the existing roof remaining will also be greater We’ll have a slope on both the south and west walls; both existing dormers (including the wrap around dormer) only have a slope on the west wall.

Is my suggestion for a wrap around dormer with a half-sloping, half-flat roof permitted development?

Many thanks

  • Adam

    Hi Adrian,

    Whilst I am unable to offer you specific advice on this case I might be able to help out. Are you aware that some Local Authorities offer a pre-application advice service? My local council charge £50 and send an officer round with a brief outline of your ideas (basic hand drawings and written proposal submitted by applicant) to have a look. They offer informal advice on how they think the plans would fare. They stress its informal but it can be very beneficial if you receive a strong negative response. You then know you need to amend your plans substantially before submitting.

    If you LA don’t offer this service then I’m afraid you are experiencing one of the pitfalls of the planning system; the inability of any one person to say with clarity if your plans will pass or not. It is not an exact science.

    That said, if your design is such that it incorporates renewable technologies then it is more likely to be successful. No guarantees though…

    All I can add further is best of luck.

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