We are about to start renovating our 1960,s chalet style house with a pitched roof. We have cavity walls which are not fixed. What is the best insulation. All the installers are saying mineral wool and do it under the ECO but is the best or should we look at bead and foam. If I am spending thousands on new windows I want to make sure not cutting corners here just because it is free.
Also every room has a pitched ceiling and there is no loft. Any thoughts on foam versus boards. Thanks for any help you can give me


    Installing rigid foams sounds easy but it requires close tight fits and installers (not all installers) have the patience to do it right. Look at the thermal performance of each product you are looking at and their v values, etc. I have used phenolic rigid boards plenty times and next time I will be using mineral wools. They don’t perform as good as the phenolics but to make up the loss just install thicker. With the flexibility of the mineral wool, you can ensure that small gaps will be caught with the expansive nature of the mineral wool.

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