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The keep fit message is one that seems to be growing in popularity as the years go on. There are gyms all over the country, health food is in vogue and fitness programs on the television are popular. However, there are ways to increase your health and wellbeing in the home with a number of small changes. Generally speaking, a fitter lifestyle is a happier one and results in a longer life with less health complications.

Bedroom design – Sleep well

Most experts recommend the average person gets around 8 hours of sleep a night. Your home should be designed to help you achieve that. Avoid placing a large television in your bedroom and try to choose a room which gets the least light at night. Keep your bedroom decluttered. Place reading lamps near your bed in case you struggle to sleep and need distraction – reading is far less damaging to sleep than watching television.

Shut out any light pollution with dark curtains, which will help put your body in sleep mode. When designing your bedroom, the thing you should invest the most money in is a high quality bed. You’ll be spending half of your day in bed, so get a quality branded bed with a Tempur mattress for supportive, comfortable sleep.

The benefits of extra sleep will offset the additional cost. Getting more sleep provides the following benefits: decreased risk of disease, increased memory and better productivity.

Build a home gym

Converting a spare room into a home gym brings with it myriad benefits: access to gym equipment, no queues, no membership fees, no people to share equipment with and many more. However, there is a risk in taking the gym for granted and not using it regularly.

To decide which room to convert, you need to decide what you’ll be using the gym for. Cardio or weightlifting or a combination of both? A home gym can be built in many different sized rooms, but generally needs to be spacious enough for accommodate the equipment you want in it. A treadmill and rowing machine will need more square footage than a bench-press rack.

Natural light and outdoor space

Natural light is a great way to improve your wellbeing. You can maximise the amount of light coming into your home with the addition of skylights on upper floors and installing larger windows. A cheap alternative is to adding mirrors to darker rooms which helps maximise the light and open up the room.

Make sure your garden is styled in a way that appeals to you so that you’ll spend plenty of time in it– Vitamin D is a vital nutrient for your body so spending time sun-bathing in the warmer months is a great way to feel happier and healthier. Installing decking is a good way to create an outdoor communal area – just add a table and chairs and you can eat your meals in the evening sunlight.

Plants and flowers are a good way to oxygenate a room and can also help extract toxins from the air of any indoor or outdoor space. Invest in some indoor plants and feel better at home.

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