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Winter is here and our energy consumption is on the rise, so understanding how we can make our homes more energy efficient whilst keeping them warm and cosy is top of the priority list for most homeowners.

Draught excluders and reflective radiator panels are easy ways to help keep your home warm whilst keeping energy bill downs, but your choice of window can also have a big effect on the energy efficiency of your property.

Timber windows are some of the most advanced, energy-efficient windows available and not only do they have a huge effect on the feel of your home, but they can help you save on fuel bills, reduce condensation and are easy to maintain, too.

How Can Timber Windows Make My Home More Energy Efficient?

Timber sliding sash bay window

Keep Draughts Out

Keeping draughts out of the house is about more than staying warm and keeping the heating bill down, it’s also about protecting your home from the elements. High-performance, good-quality wood windows only let in enough air to ventilate a room without allowing warm air to escape, keeping your home draught-free and protected.  

Natural Insulator

Did you know that wood is a natural insulator? This is because the air pockets in its natural structure retain heat, helping to keep your home warm and toasty and your energy bills down.

The Right Glazing

The energy efficiency of a window is in part determined by the glazing, and due to their strength, wood window frames hold double and triple glazing, keeping the cold out and the warm in. Depending on the frame design, there is not always the need for chunky frames to hold triple glazing, so the beauty of the windows will not be compromised.

Building Regulations

Wood frames exceed the energy-efficiency requirements in the Building Regulations and the performance requirements defined in BS 6375 Parts 1 and 2, relating to weather tightness, operation and strength.


Energy efficiency aside, beautiful wood windows can help to make us happier too. A survey by the Wood Window Alliance found that 49% of us feel happier when our home is filled with natural materials, with aesthetics, comfort and warmth all cited as key reasons for choosing natural materials such as timber*.

How Do You Know You’re Buying from a Reputable Company? 

Some of the UK’s best window makers have joined the Wood Window Alliance. They are committed to meeting stringent quality, performance and sustainability criteria and produce FSC® or PEFC™ Chain of Custody factory-finished windows that are third-party certified to meet British Standards, typically offering unbeatable warranties.

Visit for more information and to find the member for you, or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using @Woodwindowall or on Pinterest.

*Windows of the World Report: The Rise of Natural Wellness, 2017

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