The existing flat roof is leaking and I’m wanting to convert. It’s on a single storey extension less than 30m2.
There is a bedroom window above the flat roof 750 up. Using a pitched roof with 17 deg leaves it clear of the bottom of the window by 75 mm. The roof will also have a hip?.
Is planning permission required or building control.

Regards neil

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi, do ring up your local planners to describe what you are intending to do to them and let them advise you – there is a chance that you will need planning permission. You should also consult with Building Control again to describe what you are intending so that they can advise what they will be looking for (any structural calculations if relevant and thermal performance of new roof etc).

    Hope this is of use.

    Keeping the eaves height the same as the flat roof is wise so the roof will be hipped. However, you will need to flash the abutment of the new roof against the existing wall you are building against. For this reason it is advisable to keep the ridge of the roof 150mm (two bricks) below the window opening. Have you considered the roof finish? At 17 degrees the roof is quite shallow – too shallow than is usually advisable for tiles or slates – there special underlays that allow some concrete tiles to be laid at shallower angles or a metal sheet finish can be used at this pitch.

  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden

    There are a couple of roof tiles that go down to 17 degrees – Sandtoft make an interlocking plain tile called a 20/20

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