• Adam


    The first port of call would be your local planning department. You can usually find them based at the local council offices. Search the council website and you should find what you need.

    Ultimately it will be the local planners who make the decision on whether your proposal should be allowed to go ahead. Engage with them early. Some councils offer a pre-application service these days. This means they will offer you informal advice on the proposals you have. This advice should not be taken as gospel but it may well give you a rough indication of whether you are likely to receive support for the idea or not.

    My local council offer this service for £50. All I have to provide is a basic written outline of my ideas. A neighbouring council wants £280 for a one hour meet with full drawings, specifications and all sorts. That sort of detailed information can cost thousands to compile and you may then be given a stern "No, never".
    The point being that each council is different and you should speak to them first. If they give you a positive outlook then you can proceed to engage a structural engineer who can devise the drawings for your planning application and help you with the design for the splitting up of the building.

    Good luck.

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