twelve months,I now have a damp stain to the party wall [of the ground floor front reception room,] which is about 3ft widex2 ft high and located just above the skirting board.It is located about three quarters back from the front wall and I would not have thought to be where the chimney breast was.Can rising damp occur in this location-or is the chimney breast removal to blame.My neighbours have sealed of their side but retain the breast.
If I could also mention that the bay window wall plaster below the window, is also damp-the external wall is rendered and a felt type damp proof course is visible-two air bricks are below it.The room only has a top opening bay wide window-so the room probably lacks ventilation-however the party wall damp is in a specific spot?
The roof has been watertight in recent months-a large dormer flat roof was repaired plus some flashing replaced.Presumably the lack of chimney breast would not allow water ingress?-I am unclear as to the design of chimney breast flues.
Any ides anyone-Many thank’s,Des.

  • Mark Fearnley

    Far from being an expert – my first thought would be that the neighbours blocked fireplace would be to blame. If they have not had the chimney top sealed and left ventilation for the flue it will probably get damp from rainfall and without airflow or a working fire, will never dry out.
    Find out if they have had the chimney blocked at the roof and if not, ask if they could check the condition of the fireplace wall behind where it is sealed.
    As far as I understand it, they are responsible for ensuring the maintenance of their side of the party wall.

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