We presently have a small old cottage with a wooden 1980’s conservatory on the back and then there is a tiny converted coal store and wc. We spoke to one of your architects Chris at the Harrogate home show recently about knocking it all down and building a new extension/utitily room using sips panels to keep the walls thin. Chris suggested that for such a small project we could use block on the outside then have it rendered and wood on the inside insulated.

I have had an architect round who said this is not the way to do it. Wall will always be 12 inch thick because of the 100mm cavity. I told him I didn’t want this.

I need an architect who is not stuck in his ways and can utilise my limited space in my area.

We live in Lancashire, between Burnley and Rossendale, postcode BB 11 5 NU.

Thank you in anticipation.

Yvonne Gordon

  • AB Architectural Design Ltd

    Afternoon Yvonne,

    Unfortunately I am based in Somerset… However my In-laws live just outside of Gisburn on the A59 and we are up there all the time so I may be able to help.

    My current prefered build method and for a small extension with limited space is to use a 150x50mm timber frame structure which is esentially a SIPS panel construction but is constructed on site and the build will include from the inside out… 12.5mm plaster board with a 3mm skim finish – 500 gauge breather membrane – 150mm timber studwork with a full fill rockwool insulation – 18mm plywood boarding – 500 gauge breather membrane – (Then you have a choice of finishes) either clad is block, stone, brick which are thick options and not appropriate for limited space OR altenatively 25mm battens on the 18mm ply with either a render finish (Approx. 25mm) on metal lathes attached to the battens or a 19mm timber (Oak or cedar) cladding attached to the battens which would give a total wall thickness of around 230mm or just over 10inches. Hope this makes sense and hope this helps. Please get in touch if you would like me to take a look at the proposals. We will be visiting the In-laws next at Christmas time.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer. I have been informed by planning that the finish must match the rear of the property which happens to be render rather than stone. I know sips panels are only 142 mm thick and then I would need render on the outside of that which would still work out quite slim. I really appreciate your offer to look it over around Christmas but I shall try to get wheels in motion before then. Many thanks.

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi Yvonne,

    We have only just signed up for Homebuilding and Renovating Community Q&A and are probably a little late in responding

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