we could build under PD rights he went several time to see the planners with drawing of what we wanted with sizes and position he also had a map where it would be sited , it was agree we could build under PD rights, we now find we are on the wrong side of the enforcement team as wrong advice was given he even Google the area with the planner to agree siting but enforcement has said we have done engineering works (we live on a slope) this was not mention before , we did dig out a level area for footings but how do you build on a slope with out doing this ? Enforcement has said we have PD rights but they are unusable as we live on a slope ?? any advice would be gratefully received , any one who knows a consultant on PD rights ? just to complicate it we are in Wales

  • Susan R

    Sorry, I can’t answer your question but while browsing I came across this document documenting how Permitted Development rules can have unintended consequences. #2 shows an outbuilding on a slope. It might not be relevant to you but it suggests that permitted development exists as much on slopes as on the flat.
    Or maybe page 10 of this document helps?

    Otherwise ask Enforcement to show you exactly where it says it doesn’t apply to you?

  • tony atwell

    Thank you for your reply Susan , I have seen the planningjungle site, but it is an English site so does not all apply to us Welsh , although it does say on the 10 worst PD rights loopholes some of it applies to Wales , What really annoys me is the fact it was shown to the planners and given the green light they even looked on google to see where it would go all information was in front of them and they still got it wrong its cost us time and money and now a fight with enforcement

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