I applied for a 3 bedroom detached house beginning of this year within the curtlage of my garden. After changing the plans to suit the planning officer, submitting full application and drawings, it then went past the deadline, so my application was held in abeyance. It has been a long struggle and only just received planning permission..Back in April my planning officer stated they now wanted it 2 bedrooms and not 3. So we went ahead with 2 bedroom plans and got the 2 bedroom passed. We woul now like to apply for the lost 3rd bedroom. Planning Deptartment now say we have to resubmit and therefore it will now be a new application. If I resubmit will I lose the planning already granted?

  • Alasdair Macmillan

    It is possible to have multiple planning permissions for one site. The site areas will need to overlap to reassure the planning authority that you don’t intend building both!

    Would it be possible to construct the house you have planning permission for and then apply for a bedroom extension? The planning authority may look more favourably on an extension than a larger house.

  • shirley gleeson

    Hi Alasdair, thank you for replying. Basically I will be building the 3rd bedroom on top of my dining room. I was told back in 2010 that it would be acceptable in principle to have a 3 bedroom house, on the plot,( although a difficult shape its size is 324m2) as there would be no loss of a family house, but a gain. During preapplication in September 2013 the planner, and a different planner. changed the plans to a smaller and shape more acceptable to them. We draw up the plans and submitted them in January this year…and as I stated above it went into abeyance etc. then we had a further site meeting, where the planner insisted that she only wanted 2 bedrooms, but we could keep the footprint, so 1 bedroom was wiped off the top of the dinning room, so in effect we have a 1 part 2 stories in height containing 2 bedrooms with ensuits and then a dining room which is a single story build. So what I am hoping to do is reinstate the bedroom on top of the single story dinning room. So we will not be enlarging the footprint at all from the planning permission already granted. We were told by the planner that we would now have to resubmit a new application rather than just apply for an extension to add the 3rd bedroom….I was not sure if this was correct or the best way forward, I hope you under stand all the above.

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