Part of my garden sits outside of the settlement boundary. the local council is re-undertaking the LDP review, which is to replace the UDP, which expired in 2011. This consultant has said the council have 3.5 years of residential land available, when they should have 5 year so this will be one of the main arguments.. Is the quote of £6.5k + VAT reasonable for making the case and submission for full planning permission for a 150 sq m home?

  • Craig Lonie

    sounds very expensive I’ve just asked an architect to submit plans and drawings for a project and he’s quoted 2.5 k to draw up and submit

  • Graham Pick

    I paid £1300 no vat plus £385 to the council for a large dormer bungalow in kent.Sounds very over the top.Shop around.

  • Adam

    For a submission of planning drawings alone that is a ridiculous fee. Politely decline and find someone who will do an equally good job for decidedly less money!

    The size of the fee may become more understandable if he forsees that he will need to go to appeal over this issue. On contentious applications this can often be the case. An architect or planning consultant will take colleagues with them to keep a log of what of what is said and the small details whilst they concern themselves with arguing the case. These hearings can often be hastily conducted affairs and you want your representative as focused as possible. The planning rules are laws and can be argued in much the same fashion as criminal or civil cases (although rarely could be viewed as exciting as the stuff you see on TV)

    Be aware that planning consultants can be a very expensive road to gaining permission. Because of the fickleness of the planning system’s rules and the unique way they can be open to interpretation you are given absolutely no guarantees of success from them.

    You might be better served canvassing local architects or structural engineers and finding out which ones have a good relationship with the planning department or a particularly high success rate in getting planning granted.

    Be aware the Council cannot make any recommendations as to whom you should enlist for help.

    Have a look about and see what you can see.

    Good luck.

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