Can anyone suggest an alternative product or have experience of K-Rend ? Or is a smooth finish painted off-white the best solution? Also, do I as my builder suggests, have the windows fitted before work begins? I would appreciate the guidance.

  • AB Architectural Design Ltd

    Hi Stephen,

    Speaking purely impartially K-Rend is a good product and we have used it on many projects in the past. Being a through colour render it looks good for a long time and if applied correctly should last for a good few years.

    As for installing the windows first. Yes this is the correct way round for both rendering and plastering internally as they both butt up to the windows and are then sealed with a silicone. Just make sure that the film that is on the windows when they are installed is left on for as long as possible to prevent them from being scratched.

  • Simon Dowding

    Hi Stephen
    Just wondered how you are getting on with this as I’m doing the same . Also could you tell me what window company you went with?

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