My wife and I have had a response from a letter we sent out asking people if they would consider selling us part of their garden for a new build. We went to view the plot today and it is lovely. We would like to get the plot valued in order to know if it would be in our price range or not. What is the best way to get a valuation on a plot? We know that a mortgage lender would have to send a valuer to a plot before lending us money (we need to get a mortgage for the combined cost of the plot and the build) on the plot. Is there someone we could use in the mean time?

  • Rebecca Clutton

    Hi Dean. A local estate agent is a good start. Look for one who already has building plots for sale so they will know what they’re talking about.

  • Jeremy Murfitt

    Hi Dean – I would endorse the above. However I would also add that you should find a local estate agent who is a Chartered Surveyor (not all Estate Agents are). Not only will the surveyor be able to provide a valuation but is also likely to be able to provide advice on planning/access and other matters. Yes the feee will be higher but in the long run worth it. Good luck – Jeremy

  • Jeremy Olm

    I agree with the engaging of an estate agent. They do not only handle properties for residential and commercial uses, but they will also know about plots of land. Simply get in touch with one and list down the criteria you are looking for and your financial budget. Explain in details and you will get the one you truly admire in no time.

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