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I wonder if anyone can give me some advice. We recently a bought a house built in the late eighties. It is well proportioned but some of the essentials and finishing are simply not of the best quality… One particular problem we have is that the upstairs flooring is made of chipboard, which is ill-fitted. When anyone walks on it upstairs, the creaking, groaning and thumping is significant! Not knowing otherwise I tried to mask this with the thickest underlay and the thickest carpet. However, as you would know, this has not ultimately worked. I should have fixed the floors first…

My question is: what would be a recommended course of action? Should I lift everything and how best would the floors be fixed? What is the chipboard runs under the plasterboard walls and is this likely? Any other recommendations?

I would be so grateful for your advice! Many thanks!

  • mike selwyn-hughes

    See my suggestion below under Creaky Floors, you may have the same problem…..

  • Judy Pope

    Hi Mike – many thanks for the message, however, I can’t immediately see anything "below" unfortunately. There is post from a Peter under another question called "Creaky Floorboards" but I am thinking you might have some more insights… Could you possibly cut and paste again? Many thanks! Judy

  • mike selwyn-hughes

    Hi Judy,

    Oops, I meant ‘See THE suggestion below under Creaky Floors…’. We too had the problem with chipboard floors and Peters suggestion was the answer. We screwed the boards with chipboard screws and it worked, just watch out for wires and pipes…. Mike

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