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As stated in a recent House Price Index released by mortgage provider, Halifax, the cost of the average house has risen by 6.9% compared to values in October 2012.

As the property market is very competitive, more and more people are refurbishing their homes in an attempt to stand out from their neighbours and get their house sold as quickly as possible. And for those who can’t afford to move to a bigger property, homeowners are working harder to maximise the space they do own by giving it a refurbishment!

But which projects generate the greatest return on investment when it’s time to sell?


An aesthetically pleasing and well-fitting kitchen will work wonders on the valuation of your property. Choosing neutral colours that emphasize plenty of natural light will make the room look bigger, while an abundance of storage and worktop space are especially attractive to potential buyers.

Renovation specialists, like Wren Kitchens, offer a complete kitchen delivery and installation service with many built-in appliances included. These packages are great for saving money and can be custom-made to your personal requirements, whether you’re a cooker, a baker or a wine lover.

Lofts and attic conversions

If you could do with an extension but don’t have the garden space, then why not convert your attic or loft into an extra room. Providing you have the landing space to accommodate an additional set of stairs, your loft can be transformed from a Christmas decoration dumping ground to a child’s bedroom or a home office space with ease.  According to this guide from Regenerate, adding a third bedroom to a two-bedroom house can up your home’s selling price by over 10%.

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