We’ve recently been in talks with a couple about buying some land from them in order to do a self build. The land is at the end of their long garden. The access would be along a road which has some flats along it. We had the plot valued and the report stated that the access road was an adopted highway. The report then raised the concern that ownership may be claimed my a third party.

Would we need to employ a solicitor to find out such information about the ownership of the road or is there another way of finding out?



  • Rebecca Clutton

    Hi Dean, your first port of call should be your local authority and/or highways department. A firm of solicitors will charge you for the information but, should you proceed with purchasing the land, they would incorporate these searches as part of the transaction anyway. There is a specific search (I think it;s called a Commons Search) that can be done and you may be able to get further information from the Land Registry. However, if the road is adopted, your local authority should be the best ones to give you further information.

    Something else you can do is purchase an indemnity insurance to protect you against any future third party clients over access. I hasten to add I am not an expert or solicitor – just passing on what we had to do with our plot which was accessed via an unadopted lane.

    Hope it all goes well.

  • Rebecca Clutton

    Sorry, that should have said claims not clients – had my work head on!

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