Hi guys can you help me?
I’ve got a plot of land that I’m in the process of building stables on! I am getting a log cabin mobile home to live in! I need electricity to my field!
Who do I contact to make this happen?

  • Tony Taylor


    You don’t mention where you are in the country. If you let me know where you want the connection I will look up the contact details for the network operator and point you in the right direction form wise.


  • Tracey Hyslop

    I am very interested in the responses to this question. Also Lucy did you have to get planning permission for the log cabin/ mobile home to be allowed in your field?

  • Georgie Davies

    I’m also really interested to hear the answers to this question – any one? 🙂

  • Tony Taylor

    Tracey and Georgie,

    Apologies for the delay in responding, I do not automatically get an update when someone adds a comment on this website and just happened to find your comments when I was looking for something else.

    With regards getting an electricity connection, you will first need to work out which District Network Operator (DNO) is responsible for the electricity network where you want to get a new connection.

    Go to the Energy Networks Association website


    and determine which company (DNO) serves your area. Click on the appropriate link for the relevant company to visit their website. Search the DNO website for a button or link which says something like ‘connections’ or ‘connect to our network’, follow the links depending on whether you have a single property to connect or a development of new houses.

    You will end up with a link to download an application form, download it and fill in all the sections you can. You will need help from your local electrician for some items on the form. You will also need to provide a location plan, to identify where your site is, and a site plan to tell them where you want the new connection placed within the building. The latter should be easy to get hold of, especially if you are having a house built, the architects site plan with a hand marked meter position would be acceptable.

    The location plan can be generated using Google maps and a friend who can edit photographs.

    Send all the information off to the address marked on the application form and you should receive a quote from the DNO within 3 weeks.

    The question asked above and my answer appear to be a common issue, I have been answering the same question for many years now.

    I am about to launch a website www,smartgreenengineer.co.uk which should be up and running in April 2014, to provide answers to common questions about utility connections as well as lots of other mechanical and electrical subjects for the self-build, renovation or refurbishment audience, stop by to take a look, you may also like to sign up to our mailing list to make sure you get access to the site from the first day.

    Hope this helps.


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