Our new-build house has been mainly rendered but with a few courses of Hanson Chatsworth Multi bricks at the base. See this picture:


We didn’t notice when we chose them from the sample board but they have what appear to be splodges of white paint on some of them. This is obviously to create some sort of reclaimed brick effect but it just looks as though the render has splashed down on them. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get rid of it or cover it up?

  • Claire Lloyd

    Brick tinting is a good solution to your ‘white splodges’. The process involves applying a specialised tint which permanently changes the colour of the brick (the tint saturates the brick meaning that the colour remains even as the brick weathers; so you’ll have no ongoing maintenance). There are a growing number of professional brick tinting companies in the UK who can undertake the job for you; they’ll first mix a tint to match the surrounding bricks, produce a sample and then apply the tint if and when you’re happy to proceed.

  • S Amos

    Thank you for your post Claire. Yes I had looked into this. I haven’t contacted any of those companies yet (I suspect I will have to eventually) but I am wondering if this would be the answer anyway, as whatever they put on to cover the paint would only adhere to the paint already there i.e. it wouldn’t saturate the brick unless the existing paint was removed first. As we only have 3 or 4 courses of this brick at the base (the house is mainly rendered) we wondered if it was something we could do ourselves…

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