Please advise how I can prevent condensation and maintain good air flow/ventilation in an original solid stone wall, 3-room, cottage with no attic and only 42 sq m in size? The 3 rooms are all adjoining and therefore if it was feasible some sort of ventilation unit placed centrally could possibly service the complete space if the doors were left ajar.

  • Mark Brinkley

    Easily the best way to maintain an old stone cottage is to live in it, to heat it and to open and close doors and windows.

    If the internal temperature stays above 12°C all day and all night, and there is reasonable ventilation just from habitation, you will not suffer from condensation or mould issues.

    However, if the house is left empty for long periods, esp in the winter months, there is probably not a lot you can do to stop it suffering from damp issues.

  • Peter Dickason

    Hi David,

    I know this may be late in reaching you, as I have only just signed up to the site but here goes:

    I somewhat agree with Marks’ answer (Thursday 20th March 2014) but, I would say there is more that can be done to help combat the condensation issues you are seeing.

    Raising the temperature would aid in the helping this, as it allows the air to hold more water vapour, but in a solid stone wall construction this could exacerbate the problem further. The reason that you are seeing condensation on the walls is due to the nature of water vapour in the air. Water vapour will always look for either a) the least pressure environment it can find or b) the coldest surface to be able to condense on.

    The most effective way to combat these issues is by using a balanced ventilation system, which would decrease the water vapour levels and threshold, allowing the house to become more ‘breathable’ and able to deal with any sudden increases.

    If you have not found any information on the web, I would recommend search for Heritage House and RHLdirect, who may be able to help you further.


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