The builder I used converted a restaurant into a private dwelling. He hasn’t quite finished the work, although this will not affect the signing off. I have asked him over the last two months for the certificate and he just ignores me. Without this and his VAT invoices, I cannot claim the VAT back. I just wondered if there is any way I can get the signing off done myself.

  • Adam

    Hi Gail,

    The ‘signing-off’ I presume you are referring to is your building regulations completion certificate. This is an essential piece of paperwork that it issued by the overseeing building control inspector and certifies that the work completed conforms to the current regulations. Without it you will not be able to sell your project on now or in the future so it is essential that you get to grips with this issue.

    A completion certificate is normally issued once the work has been completed. It might simply be the case that the certificate is not yet ready to be issued as the builder has not finished all the elements that require inspection. Often there are small elements that need attention before you get a full sign off.
    Do you know who is providing your building control oversight? It will be your local authority (council) or an approved private surveyor. If you have the details you could try picking up the phone and speaking to them directly about what stage they think the project is at. They will be able to tell you if they still have visits to make or whether they are happy and can/have issued the certificate.

    If there are still visits to be made then the certificate cannot be issued. If it has been issued already and you do not have it then take this up with your builder. You will need that piece of paper.

    If you think there may be an issue with your builder that is causing his silence then you may need to tackle it head-on. Communication with your builder is key to the success of even the smallest projects.

    Good luck

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