A 5m long lead box gutter, built without any expansion joints, has cracked and water floods in to the rooms beneath. What is the best temporary/permanent solutions? I have been advised to replace with a prefabricated steel gutter (very expensive) or as a temporary measure painting on a waterproof membrane. Has anyone any experience of using a flexible liner or waterproof solution?

  • darron kevern

    Hi I am a roofer of 32 yrs, your lead boxgutter should rise ever 1.5m by 50mm, it sounds like your box gutter has been installed by a diy er, there are a fiew options open to you, 1. new lead work,
    2. EDPM rubber, 3. GRP fiberglass, if your boxgutter has not been cunstructed properly you might be in for a shock, i would reccomend that you ask friends or people at work if they know a good reliable roofer, I would estimate a minimum of £1500 for a grp boxgutter 0r EDPM rubber, £200 + for a new lead boxgutter.

  • Steve Wright-Phillips

    Hi I fit EPDM materials which are perfect for that application. One piece with no joints to do on-site and very flexible so moves with the building without splitting or cracking.
    My supplier is http://www.ukflatroofing.com

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