I wish to build a single storey, timber/metal clad, highly insulted 60 – 65 square metre annex to connect to a stone cottage for maximum £45,000? The accommodation must include 2 small (3.5mX3.5m) bedrooms a shower room and a open kitchen living space in the region of half the total space. Please advise if this is feasible and which building method could be used?

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi David,

    Take a look at the National Self Build Association "Self build on a shoestring" competition entries for some ideas… http://www.nasba.org.uk/shoestring2013top16

    This competition was for a self build house for under £50K. This was for materials & labour costs (not site and services connections). Most entries (including ours 🙂 ) looked at using readily available materials or systems, and assumed that much of the work would be hands-on construction by the client. Without knowing more about your brief and site conditions (and DIY skills) its hard to say if your project is feasible on your budget, but there are certainly methods that can help reduce costs.

    Hope this helps as a starting point.

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