Could I ask any of you who have installed a beam and block first floor in a house build, how did you fix the plasterboard ceiling under the beam and block floor? Did you use a proprietry framing system such as a metal furring (MF) system or use timber battens to fix the plasterboard to. If timber battens were used, did you use the beam manufacturers fixing clips or screw the timber battens directly to the blocks? Whichever method you used, did you subsequently get any cracks appearing in the plaster between the ceiling and walls?

Also, how did you get the sand/cement screed up to the first floor and spread around the various rooms?

Any advice you can give me before I get there is much appreciated, thanks.

  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden

    By far the best way is with the suspended MF ceiling. Makes cabling, pipework, MVHR ducting much easier. Cost wise, nothing in it.
    There should be no cracks if plastering works are done correctly no matter which method.
    Regarding the screed, depends on the quantity. Obviously screed pump the easiest.

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