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With the competing pressures of family and working life, and the world of opportunity and flexibility afforded by lightning-quick advances in technology, there’s never been a better time to set up a home office and conduct your business from the comfort of your own house. Most widely recognised for its high-quality cars and creative engineering, Honda has a line of powerful energy generators that will ensure your home office is as comfortable and functional as you need it to be.


There are numerous advantages to working from home if your situation allows it. Connecting with colleagues in the UK and around the world is now as easy as the touch of a screen – great news for working homeowners with families, for whom commuting long distances to spend the day in a traditional office set-up is neither a desirable nor a practical option. If you have kids to pick up from school as well as a living to be earned, the ability to work from home is no longer a fanciful dream but a very real possibility. If your line of work or self-owned business can be done from anywhere, why not do it from the most important place in your life? With a bit of homebuilding know-how, you can have a fully functioning home office to be proud of, not to mention a far more efficient daily routine.

If you have the space, the architectural vision and the planning time on your hands, a garden office can be the ideal means to work from home in a way that allows you to balance family life with an uninterrupted, productive work schedule. If done right, a garden office is not only a great solution to achieving the much sought-after work/life balance, but it can also be an attractive and value-adding boon to your home and garden.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of moving your work into your home, and you think a garden office is the right option for you, you’ll have to put your mind to space, design, and double glazing among many other considerations. Once you have the exterior planned out, you’ll be on to the task of kitting out the inside of your office with everything you need for your day job to run as smoothly as it would in a regular office.

This is where Honda’s selection of energy generators comes in. They have a product to suit most needs, so whatever the size and power needs of your home/garden office, you’ll find a generator to do the job.

If you’re not fussed about the generator’s run-time, and you’re looking for a reasonably-priced model, the EC2000 is worth a look. It comes in at £585, and its Oil Alert function is responsible for shutting down the engine automatically if the oil drops below a safe level. This helps prevent damage to the engine, and protects your personal safety.

If you’re willing and able to spend a bit more, the EU26i model is a very high-performing generator. It runs for up to 25 hours, and has an output voltage of 230. With a price-tag of £2090, you’ll want to make sure you really need this level of functionality before purchasing.

Environmental awareness is high on Honda’s agenda, and this is as clear from their range of generators as it is from all their innovative engineering efforts. The higher-value generators are more expensive for a reason: many of them come with Honda’s patented Eco Throttle function, which adjusts engine speed to match the load-saving fuel. In layman’s terms, this makes for longer engine life and a quieter, cleaner, more efficient product.

Explore the Honda site to see how they can help make your home office dream a reality, and download a brochure for full product specs of the generators you’re most interested in.

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