1930’s Renovation .Large flat roof extension with Aluminum Doors and windows.Have had a few quotes which are coming out about £30,000 . Has anyone had experience of buying direct from a German company?

  • Simon Benson

    Hello Simon
    I haven’t purchased just windows from a German manufacturer, I have purchased the whole house.

    My original research into this (which is now three and a half years old) was that for what I was going to pay here for double glazing I could get triple glazing a bit cheaper from Germany. Have a look at the moonstone project, http://www.furryfeet.tv/corporatecut/moonstone/ Becker&Sohn were used here and this will give you an idea of what they can achieve. Had I proceeded my order would have been with them.

    Alternatively, consider approaching one of the German house builders like WeberHaus (01727 867900) Chris Drury is the person to speak with here, Hanse Haus or Baufritz and see if they could manufacture what you need.

    Good Luck.


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