Hi to all the HB.co.uk community, I am hoping to get some general and if possible more specific advice regarding our plans to extend a 2 storey 4 bed semi within Kent Green Belt/AONB area, the site specifics are as follows-
1958- Original Building-2 storey/3bed semi (approx. floor area 106sqm)
& free standing garage (approx. floor area 14sqm)
1985- Ground Floor rear extension-extend kitchen & dining area, flat roof (approx. floor area 19sqm)
1986- demolish rear garage & rebuild adjoining to side of home (approx. floor area 18sqm)
*I have since discovered that the garage wall is built only 0.5m – 0.75m from the side boundary, flush with the homes front wall, brick with hipped roof and building approval restricts use to garage only*
1986- Loft Conversion (approx. floor area 23sqm)
1993- Rear attached Conservatory (approx. floor area 19sqm)
The previous owners purchased in 2000 and carried out no further building works.
OK, so based on the above, my questions are-
1)Assuming the 50% existing floor area rule being applied to extensions;
a) would the 86 garage be considered a “swap” for the demolished one, thus excluded from reducing the allowable extension area?
b) if not would the original floor area be considered as 106sqm + 14sqm original garage?
c) is the Conservatory considered an extension for the purpose of these calculations, even when not under the main roof and still sealed off by previous external walls/windows and outside doors?
d) is the Loft conversion considered an extension for the purpose of these calculations?
e) if anyone has dealt with this before, can you tell me your opinion on what would be the maximum floor area we could expect to achieve using these calculations?
2)Proposed extension-
a) The easiest extension would be to just build above the existing garage, but given its proximity to the side boundary there is some possibility the Council will still insist on a 1m setback, creating an unbalanced front elevation and further problems with support of the first floor (it would be a concrete tile front hung on timber frame in keeping with the existing materials & the roof line would easily be extended), any probability of a relaxation here,Thoughts?
b) There is a possibility the siting of the garage contravenes the Land Titles restrictive covenant with regards to minimum setback also, Thoughts?
c) Previous approval had been given (in 1970 though) to extend over what is now the flat roof ground floor extension at the rear right up to the adjoining side boundary (the other half of the
semi/neighbours). We could achieve what we require by building over this extension to the rear,
but not with the current 2m setback requirement on that side, Thoughts?
There are many benefits to our proposal for extension, not least of all to remove and replace what
feel like “deathtrap” loft winder stairs that are only 600mm width and rising 42o pitch/11 treads, plus opening up what are cramped/narrow areas lacking natural light. We are not looking to add to occupancy, eg it will still be a 4bed, just redesign/reconfigure and retain 4 beds plus extend or add a bathroom on the first floor? As part of this we are looking to improve the EPC rating significantly and install renewable energy options.
3) Any general advice/ hints/warnings would be greatly appreciated, including any professional referals for services.
Kind regards

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