Hi , Looking for some advise from all the experts on this site.

Ive renovated a few properties in my time and i have the chance to purchase a grade II listed cottage which is derelick. I have viewed the property and the timber frame looks to be in relatively good condition. However the outside has been rendered with concreate so I,m aware there could be a fare bit of damage behind the render. It also appears that the outside of the frame has dropped and around the chimneys it has stayed in original position.
I was hoping for some advice on the renovation procedure. Ive looked for various books but there doesnt seem a lot of advice on internet or Im just looking in the wrong place.
At the moment Im looking at;
Full scaffolding with temporary roof
Stripping off thatched roof
Stripping off render
At this point I understand that the timber frame requires all repairs to be made with the suitable joints , but can the frame be raised where it has been dropped and squared up as close as possible . This then cound be held square with some scaffolding .
Would this then require underpinning and re-bricking up to the sills?
Any advise on this or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated
Sorry for some of the bad English as I;m Dyslexic

  • Mark Brinkley

    If you purchase a listed building and plan to "restore" it, you will find that the local listed buildings officer will start taking a great interest in your plans. They follow guidelines but have the power to vary them a lot so it’s worth staying in their good books. They will also quite likely demand that you undertake a full structural survey to verify that your plans will work. For instance, you talk about underpinning the cills: there is no way of knowing if that is necessary without a closer examination.

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