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If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money creating the perfect garden, you’ll want to keep it that way. The work doesn’t stop once the last flower has been planted: your garden needs consistent care and attention.

You should keep a close eye on the weather forecast and tailor your watering routine to suit the seasons. In the summer you’ll have to water your soil more thoroughly to make up for evaporation – water close to the roots to avoid this. In the winter, the soil will hold its moisture for much longer, so you’ll need to be careful it doesn’t become waterlogged.

Your lawn and plants will require around an inch of water every week to stay healthy. Of course, not everyone can commit the time to consistently watering their garden every day. For these people, automatic irrigation systems can be a godsend. Sprinkler systems can save on time, but be aware that their effectiveness can diminish in particularly hot temperatures: a lot of the water vapour can be lost through evaporation before your plants ever feel the benefit.

Easy Watering supplies a diverse selection of watering tools to suit a variety of needs. Hosepipes like the Hozelock Auto Reel are ideal for manually controlling the level of water your garden receives. It’ll make quick work of your watering duties, and can be quickly reeled back in once you’re done.

As for when you water, try to avoid ever watering late at night. This can put your plants in danger of contacting fungal disease if the moisture sits on their leaves or stem for too long. It’s best to give your garden a good soaking in the morning so that they have sufficient nourishment to take them through the day.

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