Hi i’m after some advise or guidance as I’ve been saving for years and don’t want to get this wrong, I’m planning an extension to my mid terraced town house. It will be 6 meters across the entire back of the property and 4 meters out. It will be single story and north facing so skylights are essential. I think a tiled shed roof is our best option due to overlooking and collecting water. However what I am totally unsure of is what selling to have. Flat or sloped with the skylights.

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi, from experience we find that some clients prefer a modern flat ceiling look. However, a sloping ceiling that follows the pitch of the roof will give you a greater sense of space and with the roof lights, more light. If you have saved up to build this extension it would be a shame to lose that roof space behind a ceiling – that’s expensive unused space. Thermally it does mean you have more space to heat but as long as you ensure good thermal values in the walls, roof and floor then this shouldn’t be a problem. Our advice – go with sloped.

    Hope this is of use!

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