We have recently secured some land and are looking to build 2 detached houses on it (subject to planning) to then sell on once complete. The plan is to manage the project myself using all the required sub contractors at the various stages and we have set up a new company under which name the houses will be built. When we come to sell them it will be beneficial for the houses to come with a warranty as this helps with the buyer securing a mortgage on a new build. The problem is as we are a “new” company with no past house building experience to speak of, a lot of the warranty providers won’t offer their support or cover. At the moment the only one I have spoken to that does is the NHBC. It would be ok if we were just employing a general registered builder as they would have the cover, but it seems a bit short sighted by a lot of these companies not to offer cover to newbies. does anyone know of any other suppliers that do support a new company? Thanks in advance to any replies.