So we’ve reached a milestone. It’s been a busy time and we’ve spent quite a bit of money, but the foundations are complete.

While it seems that, after all that time and money, we are back exactly where we started, it seems a good exercise to take stock and reflect on how much has been done on site so far.

  • We’ve scraped down and removed the soil so that we had a nice and even bed
  • Then we laid and spread out clean crushed stone to act as a drainage layer
  • Then there was sand blinding on top of that (blinding sand is a really fine sand that we used on top of the crushed stone to create a smooth layer ready for the next step)
  • Then we taped down a green plastic radon membrane (if we hadn’t used blinding sand, the crushed stones would have gone straight through the membrane)
  • Then there was the 300mm of polystyrene which was bonded and formed together, followed by the waterproofing Bentonite layer
  • Next up came the two layers of steel and the underfloor heating pipe, followed by the diggers arriving on site to pour concrete into all the holes and cracks

The concrete was power floated to achieve a nice smooth finish that will act as our flooring (at least until we can fit a wooden floor, which is an expense that can wait for another day).

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