When it came to the exterior design of our new home, we made a conscious effort to minimise the number of elements and materials we used to keep the building really simple and to let the surrounding landscape and our green roof take centre stage.

When we were installing the Corten panels, we started with a test panel and then made some minor adjustments before installing the others (luckily, it’s such a subtle change that the difference is not instantly noticeable).

As well as the larger panels above the windows, we’ve also used Corten for the very fine parapet capping that runs around the edge of the roof.

Capping like this can be a tricky process in terms of both fixing and waterproofing and it’s often a place where buildings get it wrong. Capping can end up too deep, too fussy or the wrong material is chosen. So we were really conscious about getting that detail right on our project.

We’ve made sure we have really crisp, fuss-free capping (welded into place) that will rust beautifully over time. I’m even tempted to stop the rusting process at some point (you can buy coatings that will do this).

But even if I didn’t, with Corten, the rust becomes a protective layer rather than peeling or flaking off, adding character as it ages.

This is the great thing about using high quality organic materials like the stone and the Corten that we’ve used. They are designed to change over time and the accept weathering and aging as a beneficial part of the design process – much like a fine wine!

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