My house has a garage and store which are attached to each other but not to the house, although they are close by. Would I need planning permission to convert them to living accommodation and build some form of link to them to make them part of the house?


  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi Carol, yes you probably would have to apply for planning permission to cover the conversion and the new linking element. The planners would be interested in the intended change of use for the building, what alterations externally you would have to make and the size, form and materials of the link. Contact the local authority with some information on your design intensions (drawn plan and views) and check what information they would require for a full application.

    Hope this is of use.

  • Carol Carman

    Hi Rachel,

    That’s very helpful – thank you so much!


  • Geoff

    While I agree that you should contact the local planning department, it is also quite possible that your proposal would be a permitted development.

    However, you will definitely require building control approval.

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