With winter fast approaching and energy prices on the rise, many of us are now wondering how we are going to manage our energy costs in the coming months.  For many of us the cost of keeping our homes comfortable and warm has been a source of stress for years and this has naturally led to us being extra careful when considering our heating options.

There has long since been a stigma attached to electric heating – after all, electricity is expensive isn’t it? While this may be true, investing in top of the range energy efficient electric radiators for your home could easily save you money in the long run.

Recent figures released by Ofgem have shown that the UK actually enjoys electricity prices which are lower than many other EU countries including Germany, Denmark, Italy and even Ireland. The UK also pays a much lower tax component on top of the usual electricity amount than other EU countries. In fact here in the UK we pay the fourth lowest electricity prices in the EU top 15. This is 14% lower than the average across all of the EU15 and the G7.

Of course, as we’ve seen over the past few months prices are likely to gradually increase as fossil fuel resources run dry and we make the switch to cleaner, greener energy.  There’s no doubt that the future of home heating lies firmly with electricity but what can you do to keep your costs as low as possible? One option is to get ahead of the curve by investing in eco-efficient technology to keep your home and family warm.  While the cost of energy may be high, your consumption can be lowered dramatically with the right product, lowering your bills and improving your controllability.

There is even the long term option of producing your own electricity at home, avoiding the trappings of a rising market entirely. Installing renewable energy sources in your home such as solar panels and wind turbines can mean that you will produce electricity to run all of your appliances (not just heating) and you can even make money for your efforts due to the Feed-in-Tariff.

If you are yet to be convinced about the merits of electricity as a means of heating your home, let’s review some obvious benefits:

  • Electric radiators can offer you a great level of controllability in your home, allowing you to set a different temperature for each room at various times. Managing your heating on a room-by-room basis instead of a central system is extremely cost effective.
  • Electric heating can be installed anywhere you have a power outlet – it’s quick, efficient and doesn’t require any intensive maintenance work such as plumbing.
  • The thermostats on high end products (particularly the RC Wave range from Haverland) are incredibly accurate – to within fractions of a degree. This means that the radiators are only in ‘consumption mode’ for around a third of every hour to maintain room temperature.
  • Using electric heating can offer the ultimate in home programming.  Easy to use 24/7 programming options mean that you could have a different temperature setting for every hour in each room if you so wished. This means that your heating supply works for you and fits around your daily schedule and needs.
  •  The thermostats on high end products (particularly the RC Wave range from Haverland) are incredibly accurate – to within fractions of a degree. This means that in a well-insulated property, the radiators may only draw electricity for around a third of every hour to maintain a desired room temperature. This results in big savings. For more information click here.

Electricity is a clean and green form of fuel and is becoming our key to a carbon free environment. Energy companies are investing heavily in wind farms, solar farms and tidal energy – this all creates cheap, clean electricity suitable for all of us to use. It doesn’t need to be fracked out of the earth at high cost to the environment, it can be manufactured without any carbon emissions and it works effectively in all homes. Electricity is the future and it’s time we all embraced it – what’s not to like?

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