Whether it’s simply the time of year or perhaps it’s the fact I’m always dreaming of salty air, soft sand underfoot and watching the morning waves roll in, time spent at the beach, for me, is a time like no other – anyone in the office will vouch that I spend far too much time explaining how ‘when I win the lottery I’m buying a home in the sun’.

So when this, quite frankly, exquisite project from CJAB (Caleb Johnson Architects + Builders) popped up in my email inbox I was blown away. Here we have that dreamy beach house that if you were to see an image of it on social media you’d most likely find a number of hashtags in the comments box beneath simply saying #goals.

Wooden walkway in a Maine, New England beach house by CJAB Architects
Side elevation of a New England beach house in Maine by CJAB Architects

Situated in the beautiful State of Maine on America’s East Coast, this home defines New England-style design perfectly – exuding effortless style. With a view to creating a distinct home yet not look out of character with the neighbouring properties, CJAB designed the property – located on a picturesque sandy beach – to be orientated towards the sun and with a direct view of the ocean which can be enjoyed by the homeowners both inside through plenty of glazing, as well as outside thanks to a wrap-around veranda.

Exterior image from the sand of CJAB's beach house project at dusk in Maine
Exterior shot of CJAB's beach house in Maine

Unlike some more contemporary beach houses, CJAB have opted for gentle curves to soften the exterior, which has been clad in pickled white oak, while the interior palette is very light to remain in keeping with the beach-house theme — some splashes of interesting tile, in the kitchen for example, provide contrast to the neutral scheme. If that wasn’t enough, a massive stone chimney with fireplaces on both the interior and exterior adds wow-factor to this classic home and acts as a centrepiece where the family can gather round.

Kitchen shot of the breakfast bar in CJAB's beach house in Maine
Interior shot of the kitchen island in CJAB's beach house in Maine

Upstairs, the bedrooms are just as calming as the rest of the living accommodation with pastel colours and neutral tones decorating the spaces while large wrap-around windows allow the outside ocean views to act as the artwork for the rooms. Can you just imagine waking up to that view everyday?

Bedroom accommodation boasting ocean views in CJAB's beach house project in Maine
Open plan living in CJAB's beach house project in Maine

For me, this home is a real showstopper. Is it big and flashy with all the bells and whistles of some dream homes out there? Absolutely not. This is charming. It’s understated. It’s characterful. It’s laid back. It’s what the perfect beach house should be.

  • Jany Kim

    Oh, this house just from my dreams….I really underatand that when you have such house you should order cleaning servise twice a month. We live in flat and I try to clean by myself. That’s why my husband husband doesn’t want the big house.

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