We have just moved back into our completed renovation project in southern England. But during the last week, on two separate cold nights (approx 0 to 3 degrees centigrade) we were woken by loud cracking noises from the slate roof. The cracking sounds lasted an hour and then half an hour on the second night. We have looked at the slates and there do not appear to be any visible changes. They are new Camborne Mont Azul Superior Natural Spanish Slate purchased from a builders merchants and fitted last July by a local roofer. We have not contacted either yet because we want to gather information first. Thanks.

  • Adam

    Hello R E.

    If this is an issue for you then you would be well advised to contact your roofer to make enquiries about this phenomenon.

    There might be a simple explanation. You mention that yours is a recent renovation. Did you have any new walls built? Any new roof structure?

    Certain building materials expand/contract in extremes of heat and cold. It might be slight settlement of the newly constructed building (which is entirely normal) and will pass when it has finished drying out fully.

    In this instance if you don’t ask you won’t find out!

    Good luck,


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