Hi there,

I am working on behalf of Predictable Media for an exciting new TV programme for a major broadcaster.

The scope of the project is to cast some individuals/ families who are about to start or are in the middle of self- renovating, building, decorating parts of their house and using online platforms to source all of the materials and furniture in a similar way. Examples of platforms are: eBay, Gumtree, Etsy etc?

Our ideal scenario is that you are about to, or in the middle of renovating your bathroom/ kitchen extension, and that we could feature the process from start to finish. We would aim to capture the experience of buying online and the positives and negatives which accompany the process.

It is for a major broadcaster, which I’m afraid at this point I cannot reveal, but it would be great to see if any of you were in the middle of one of these projects or about to start one?

Please get in touch if you fit the build (no-pun intended).

Hope to hear from you.

Olivia Cappuccini
0207 739 1149


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