I have just purchased a property here in Northern Ireland. It is a 1950s chalet bungalow in the country that will need renovation, and a rear extension.

I will not be occupying the property for the first 4-6 months as I will be getting plans drawn up by the architect, and submitting planning permission. My question is in regards to buildings and contents insurance. In the first 4-6 months am I right in saying that I will need unoccupied buildings insurance? (My mortgage with the bank requires me to have some sort of insurance in place). There is nothing of value in the house, so I can go with minimal/no contents insurance.

Once the renovation/extension work begins, I assume I need to change my insurance to a suitable policy that allows for this type of work? My initial enquiries with a few insurance providers have told me that I may have problems when it comes to insurance for the renovation/extension work as the estimated rebuild cost of the current property (£120k-ish) is too close to the estimated cost of renovation and extension work (£80k-ish).

Is there any recommended insurance providers that will enable me to take out a policy to cover me through the following phases:

1. Unoccupied insurance (for 4-6 months, before building work commences)
2. Renovation and extension work (for 2-3 months).

Are these sort of policies fairly flexible in terms of the length of time at each of the above phases. Obviously phase 1 is dependant on architects and planning permission, and phase 2 is dependant on building work being completed.

Thank you for your help

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