We are about to buy a new house, and we would like make the Kitchen and Dining room into one room, and also put a window in. We are also planning on splitting a room downstairs and a room upstairs into two.

Do we need an architect for this work. I know I need to apply for building regulations, but not sure of the process and whether a builder would suffice?


  • Adam

    Hello Robert,

    For the work you have described you will be best served consulting a qualified structural engineer. These individuals are knowledgeable in construction methods and are qualified to tell you if your plans are workable and if so, how. From what you describe your plans should be straightforward enough to implement with simple steels and lintel installations. The addition of a window might carry with it planning implications depending on where you wish to site it. Contact your local planning department if you aren’t sure.

    Structural engineers are available to hire independently. An alternative could be to find yourself a competent builder (ask friends and family for a recommendation) who will no doubt have one that they use regularly to produce structural drawings and calculations for building regs approval.

    It is very important that you gain building regulations approval for your plans prior to doing any work. Do not allow a builder to begin work without it and drop them like a hot potato if they want to! Any quality builder will know the process inside out and how to integrate the required building control inspections into the schedule of works.

    Good luck with your plans!


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