We are having a single storey extension and need to know sizes of beams to be used on the existing back wall, which will be knocked out. We have been told different things by different people and want to get one last opinion.

We are also looking to knock out a exisiting arch and have been told by some that it is a supporting arch and by others that it is not. We also want to get a last opinion on this before knocking it out. Structural engineers are charging so much money just to do a home visit.

Is there anyone else we can contact to help us with this?

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi, we would strongly advise that you do get a structural engineer involved. To be confident whether the arch is load bearing or not, to get accurate calculations for the beams that will be up to the job and will satisfy building control to have a professional involved to the safest route.

    We find that the fees for structural engineers can vary widely. Do shop around and maybe ask a local architect for a couple of recommendations. The other option is to find a local steel company who have an in-house engineer who may be able to do the calculations required that building control would pass – the overall advice/calculation and beam supply costs may end up lower.

    Hope that is of use.

  • Stephen Barnshaw

    Structural safety in situtions like this are covered by Part A of the building regulations. It may be worth asking the surveyor working for your building control provider if they can offer any advice regrding the alterations you talk about. Often surveyors will have the skills and experience to work with your builder to agree what is required to meet compliance with the regulations

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