I have applied for planning to convert a barn to 5 holiday lets and I have been told the water authority require us to have a new water supply to connect to their network. The barn currently has water as it already has a kitchen and toilet facilities as it has in the past been used as a garage. This supply is metered as part of the house. I am happy to have a separate supply for the barn as a whole but don’t want another 5 separate supplies and metres. Any idea how much this will cost?

  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden

    The way I see it, if you have a metered supply to your barn so you can do what you want with it.
    However, you may want to consider the flow rate/pressure and depending on the size of the existing supply, this could give you issues is splitting into a further five.
    If you only bring one new supply, then you would need to calculate what amount you require.
    In theory, if bringing say a 32mm new supply into the building with adequate flow and pressure rates you could possibly drive the 5 lets off the one supply. (similar requirements to a five bed house?)
    The cost depends entirely on how close you are to the water board main from your boundary (you lay the supply pipe from the boundary to the building).
    I have had quotes very recently for two sites with two different water companies and it worked out at approx. £1500 per unit on average. The main in each case was on the other side of the road from the boundary.

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